Veritas Bio, LLC. is a privately held biotechnology company focused on developing technologies to enable nucleic acid-based medicines, in gene therapy, RNA-based drugs such as RNAi, miRNA, mRNA vaccines and DNA-based vaccines.

Veritas Bio’s enabling technologies include:

  • Novel enabling methods of delivery of RNAi, miRNA,  mRNA and other RNA molecules in vivo.
  • Technologies that allow manufacture of antibiotic free plasmids, with higher supercoil density and higher yields

Veritas Bio LLC patent application for “In Vivo Delivery Of Double Stranded RNA To a Target Cell”  PATENTS 12-23-2010 
The invention encompasses methods of delivering nucleic acids, including dsRNA, to mammalian target cells in vivo via intercellular transfer, wherein the dsRNA is delivered to or expressed in a first…

Veritas Bio LLC patent application for “MICROBIAL HOST-VECTOR COMPLEMENTATION SYSTEM” PATENTS 8-19-2010 
This invention provides a host-vector complementation system, which permits selection of vector-carrying host cells, without requiring an antibiotic resistance gene. In some embodiments, this system …

Veritas Bio’s Business Strategy:

To develop products through licensing its technologies to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

In one such licensing agreement, Veritas Bio licensed the technologies to Somahlution, Inc. for development of products for use in organ transplant. In this instance, Veritas Bio’s delivery technology enables Somahlution to treat organs using RNAi to prevent post transplant infections and host versus graft disease.